United States, O'Hare, Midway and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Real-time Chicago O'Hare and Midway Airport, Dallas Fort Worth Airport arrival and departure flight information.

Flight arrival and departure time, terminal, gate information, airline, latest status, destination are synchronized with your iPhone and iPod touch.

Features: Innovation  -  Tap on the screen to update live flight's information. Shake your iPhone to refresh selected flight's status.

Convenience - Last keyword search is saved. Program auto-detects and searches the most current flight for you.

Power - Advanced multi-criteria search tools for scheduled time, flight's number, airline, status, and destination information.

More example to search your flight by time - enter flight's scheduled time in short form (e.g. 1340); or by location, First few letters ("atl" to search Atlanta airport) and multi-criteria searches that combines the above ways! (e.g. "southwest san fr 1000") All flight info are with your fingertip.

No more panic to get on a flight!!

O'Hare (ORD)             Midway (MDW)        Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) 

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