iPlane2 - Live Catalog of Aircrafts

### Catalog of Aircrafts in the Sky! iPlane2 brings you to the next generation of flight information and enables virtual aircraft radar database in your pocket. 

Completely redesigned from the iPlane flight information series since 2009! 

• Over 900,000 aviation photos 
• Included 73,300 aircrafts
• Cover all airports in the world (18,000+) 
• Linking with 1363 airlines information 
• 1000+ aircrafts model information
• 65+ real aircraft model graphics
• Scan current plane status, even down to the number of engines 
• Provide photos slideshow of the actual planes (Unique feature in App store!) 
• Smart filter on planes and airports 
• Plane moves live and smoothly on your screen 

• Arrival and departure board currently opened for airports in 38 countries 2732 airports. Rest of the world will be covered very soon.
• Duo Flight Board mode with iPad (Unique features in App Store!) 
• Instantly filter flights by single or multiple keywords 
• Equipped with iPlane push technology to update live flight information 
• Auto-scroll to the current flight for you 
• Provide reliable and live flight information access with our new engine 
• 24x7 access our worldwide flight information network 
• Show local time of destination  
• Best tool for picking up your guests in airport  

For those who love aviation like we DO! Thank you! 

Flight Info covered the following countries:
US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Norway, Cyprus, Thailand, Singapore, Iceland, Israel, Hungary, Luxembourg, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Portugal, Mexico, Czech Republic, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, Austria, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Denmark, UAE, and Croatia.

How does it work: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_traffic_control_radar_beacon_system

Interested in joining us with your Mode-S radar:

We welcome anyone willing to contribute to our catalogues, any people or professionals.

Send us an email if you are willing to contribute. We will answer as soon as possible.

@iplane  @  solarhk.com


Colin Cracknell said...

Since you updated the app called BHX (Birmingham Airport) the app don't work on 3g, but works fine over wifi, could you please sort this out please......

SolarHK.com said...

Good morning Colin,

Though it seemed okey on both my Wifi and 3G, I read in the debug report showing that in 3G, there is an agent server belonging to ISP sitting in between caching some of the data. You may 1) try using the refresh button at the top right corner, or if 1) still failed, 2) please wait for the next update. We will try to insert something to get over that hurdle and clear its cache. Thank you for your message!!

iPlane Team

Anonymous said...

Got your app - needs some work!
Why do my planes travel BACKWARD
please contact me MM King!